led sports stadium lighting

Design principles of stadium :

1. High illumination: On the one hand, it is because the lighting can reach the standard will directly affect the results of the game; on the other hand, in the led sports stadium lighting, for athletes, referees, lighting will affect the athlete’s competitive level. Play and referee identification of the results of the match.

2, low glare: In order to meet the high illumination, but also to ensure that low glare, in many games, high glare has a great visual impact on the athletes, to achieve this, both to reduce the glare, but also to ensure vertical Illumination, the stadium’s requirements for lighting are different from those of ordinary venues.

3, uniformity: different requirements levels of high power led stadium lights for different requirements, but regardless of lighting level, must ensure uniformity, at least in reaching 0.7 or higher. In particular, it should be noted that the illumination uniformity must not only reach the average value, but also the illumination gradient.

4. High color rendering: For venues that have television broadcasts, the color rendering of the lighting is also required. High color rendering is the basic requirement for HD broadcasting.

5, low energy consumption: To achieve high illumination, but also to meet energy conservation, the first is to use eliminated, the use of high efficiency lamps can reduce the use of lamps, save energy and investment, while reducing the future maintenance workload, and LED is a Good choice.

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