high power led tunnel lights

What are the design requirements of high power led tunnel lights?

 (1) Basic lighting needs to be set in the tunnel either day or night. When the vehicle enters the tunnel during the daytime, the brightness of the road surface should gradually decrease, so that the driver’s vision has an adaptation process. The entrance section is divided into an introduction section, an adaptation section, and a transition section. 

(2) determining the lead-in, accommodate the length (S) of the section and transition section, typically by a vehicle speed (V) at time T = 2s adapted to determine the available S = VT / 3.6m to estimate; outlet section should also be provided a transition The lighting is the same as the entrance section in the two-way traffic situation.

(3) does not enhance the lighting entrances night, on the outside should be set street lighting, brightness is not substantially less than 1/2 the luminance of the hole; emergency lighting should be located inside the tunnel, the brightness is not lower than 1/10 of the basic luminance.

(4) According to Chinese JTJ026-90 “Code for Design of Highway Tunnels”, the length of the tunnel entrance lighting zone and the minimum road brightness standard are designed as shown in Table 1.

Design of high power LED tunnel light 

LED light source selection

 LED single-watt lumen output is the basic indicator to determine whether the LED tunnel lamp has practical value. According to the requirements, the single-watt lumens of the LEDs used in the LED tunnel lamp should reach 80 lumens or more, after rapid development of LED luminous efficiency in the past three years. At this stage, the LED luminous efficiency that can be supplied in large quantities has reached more than 90 lm/W, and the brightness is still increasing. 

Table 2 provides the main technical parameters of the mass-produced high-power 1W white LED that represents the current top international manufacturers. OSRAM manufacturer LUWW5AM can be used as a design light source. Using LED light sources with a variety of different color temperatures to choose from, the LED light source with a color temperature similar to daylight of 4000~6000K can be selected to effectively reduce the “light hole” and “black hole” effects.

Light design

 According to the led tunnel lighting requirements of the tunnel, different light fixtures are used according to different lighting segments. According to the optical principle and the high directivity of the LED light source, a reasonable light distribution is adopted, and the power of the light fixture is reduced when the brightness or illumination requirements are satisfied. The purpose of energy conservation.

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