outdoor basketball court lighting design

Outdoor basketball court lighting design specifications are as follows: 

 1, the General basketball court tube, directly from the distribution box out of several lighting circuits, each circuit series of not more than 20 lamps, control the use of Circuit breaker direct control.

 2, a higher grade of basketball court, the distribution box inside an intelligent timer, according to the requirements of the owner to set the opening time lighting. 

Lighting Part: The lighting part must first look up the specification “Building Illumination Design Standard” GB 50034-2004, according to Inside for indoor basketball field illuminance and glare request, simultaneously also has the illumination power density value request, again according to the condition to push uses the lamp power and the luminaire installment spacing, In fact, this should look more about lighting design books. Recommend to go to the library to look for. 

3.Outdoor basketball court Lighting design code: You can refer to the stadium lighting design, four-sided or double-sided design, focusing on “No Shadow”, “glare” of the problem, of course, there is also a very important to meet the light illumination of the premise.

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