development history of explosion-proof lighting

In the development of explosion-proof lighting, there has also been a variety of developments in the material of the shell. During the period, there appeared polycarbonate lamps, such as all-plastic explosion-proof fluorescent lamps and explosion-proof lamps; 

Steel, stainless steel lamps, such as clean explosion-proof fluorescent lamps, anti-corrosion explosion-proof lights. These explosion-proof lights have been processed by injection molding machines, and some have been processed by large-scale stamping equipment.

Added color to the explosion-proof lighting industry.

Ronglang News Picking:

In recent years, under the dual promotion of the Chinese government and the market, LED lighting with the goal of environmental protection, energy saving, and emission reduction has been rapidly popularized in the public lighting field, and commercial lighting has been implemented.

The rapid penetration of the public lighting and home lighting market has also contributed to the rising share of LED in the global lighting industry and the rapid entry into the LED lighting era. 

In the period of rapid development, we have timely researched and developed high-safety explosion-proof led lights. After achieving domestic first-mover advantage and leading domestic advantages, we have continued to increase research and development investment.

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