difference between flood lights and spotlight

The Difference Between Flood Lights And Spotlight

Floodlight Is Very Similar In Appearance, The Difference Is In The Size Of The Beam Angle And The Use Of The Occasion.

1. Beam Angle

Every Spotlight Regardless Its Type And Other Adjustments Creates Narrow Beam Of Light Which Does Not Exceed 45 Degrees Whereas Flood Light Makes Light Which Can Make A Beam Of Up To 120 Degrees.

The Beam Angle Of LED Spot Light Is Small, Such As Razorlux Outdoor LED Light Emitting Angle 50°, Which Is Suitable For High Mast Lighting. That Is, If The Lamp Hole Of Basketball Field Is High, The Proposed Installation Is LED Spot Light (Depending On The Actual Situation).

The Beam Angle Of LED Floodlight Is Large, Razorlux Led Floodlight Is 60°~120°. It Is Generally Installed In The Distance From The Ground Below 10 Meters (Depending On The Actual Situation).


Spotlights Are The Best To Use If You Have To Point Out A Particular Object But Flood Lights Is The Best Option For Illuminating Larger Amount Of Space. Both Of Them Consume Around The Same Amount Of Wattage And Can Produce Similar Amount Of Lumens, So You Basically Have To Assess The Situation And See Whether You Want To Light Just A Single Object Or Much Wider Area.

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