Explosion proof led flood lights

Explosion proof led flood lights are lighting fixtures which has an explosion-proof performance. According to the type of light source, they are divided into three kinds: explosion-proof fluorescent lamp, explosion-proof LED lighting and metal halide lamp. With ex such signs, they are used for flammable gas and dust in the presence of dangerous places, to prevent the lights may be generated within the arc, sparks and high temperature ignition ambient flammable gas and dust.

 To achieve the requirements of explosion-proof lamps. Explosion-proof lamps sealing performance, its dust-proof ability of at least 4, the water protection capacity is divided into 0-8, the structure of further protection measures, etc., the state of the explosion-proof lamp has certain requirements. Non-explosion-proof lamps do not have more than one requirement.

The environment of different combustible gas mixtures has different requirements for explosion-proof grade and explosion-proof form of explosion-proof led lighting. According to the environmental requirements of different combustible gas mixtures, there are several classifications of explosion-proof lamps. The explosion-proof type is divided into explosion type, increase safety type, positive pressure type, no spark type and dust explosion-proof type altogether 5 kinds of main types, can also be by other explosion-proof type and above all kinds of explosion-proof type combination or compound type and special type.

Two. According to the protection type of shock-proof can be divided into Ⅰ, Ⅱ, Ⅲ class. Anti-shock protection is to prevent the explosion-proof lamp shell easy to touch the parts charged, so that the body electric shock or different potential conductor touch to produce electrical spark ignited explosive mixture.

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