150W LED tunnel light

A lot of newcomers are not able to distinguish between led flood lights and led tunnel lights. In fact, there are two basic classification methods.

1. Press the installed site

2. According to the light distribution

Of course, in terms of species, road tunnel lighting belong to the category of spotlights, which are primarily the function of transmitted light on the walls.

Advanced method

In addition, tunnel lights have four characteristics compared to floodlights.

1. Protection level

Led tunneling lights have higher requirements for protection. IP65 is standard, and it is best to have certain shockproof capabilities. Because the passing vehicles will cause some vibration in the walls of the tunnel lights.

2. Light distribution requirements

Generally, the projection light has a smaller projection angle, and the light distribution of the tunnel light is preferably a bat-type light distribution. Two or two tunnel lighting fixtures

complement each other as a range to avoid dark areas.

3. Adjust the angle

Tunnel lights must have angle-adjustable brackets to provide engineers with easy access to light in the tunnel lights, and the brackets are best not to cause structural damage to the tunnel walls.

4. Glass settings

The glass cover of the tunnel light can be turned on for easy maintenance.

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