Stadium flood lights

The difference between professional lighting and general lighting is very obvious. For everyone to give a simple example, if the lights are dark, the player is likely to see the situation of teammates or the ball; if the lights dazzling, it will affect the player’s line of sight.

This is why many teams play in the afternoon and kick in the evening, and if there are two teams, lighting is the main reason. Stadium flood lights, light effect on sports competition in the end how much?

I don’t know whether or not everyone has the impression that on March 6th Evergrande’s home game against Jeju United’s game, Yulin was facing the ball at high altitude, and he missed the ball. The ball directly hit the shoulder. According to the situation learned after the match, this ball Yulin was affected by the lighting system and was so blinded that he could not accurately control the position of the ball!

There is also the prohibition of the use of cell phone flashes in billiard games, because the instant light effects of the flash can seriously affect the player’s play. In the snooker match, many top players will make inexplicable mistakes.

Many basic balls are not handled well enough to lose control of the game. In fact, this is the light affecting the player’s play, and sometimes the player inadvertently lifts his head. As a result, the light causes the player’s instant loss and mistakes will follow!

So the quality of the stadium led lights directly affects the athletes.You need choose the right lighting for your sports field.

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