gymnasium lighting

Environmental impact

Light pollution and light waste are divided into two categories: overflow light and glare. The spilled light refers to the light that can be measured around the stadium. Razorlux lighting design stadium lights have a unique metal chain. Metal chains are drop-prevention systems. If there are metal parts in the air, they may fall into a tragedy.

Glare means that pedestrians and riders outside the stadium feel that the venue is too bright. These impacts on local residents endanger safety, affect night-time activities and the people’s peace.

There is a need to adopt ways to limit spilled light and glare both inside and outside the stadium. New broadcast specifications for sporting television broadcasts should include a cutoff reflector and a high-efficiency reflector.

Spilled light outside the stadium can be calculated and measured. Include the horizontal and vertical illuminance of the overflow light.

Obviously it is a multi-purpose gymnasium lighting . When the writer visits, he will hold an opening ceremony and the venue will be converted into a venue by the basketball court. The luminaires are mounted on horse carriages to facilitate installation and commissioning.

The cooling system of the lamps and lanterns is faintly visible, which ensures the long life of the lighting system. Because of this, the manufacturers have promised a ten-year warranty, which is probably the only one in the Chinese market.

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