sports stadium lighting

There is a key and difficult point in the evening game, that is sports stadium lighting! In fact, it is not just a night game. The competitions of closed stadiums also have high requirements for sports stadium lighting!

What are the factors considered in sports stadium lighting?

In general, the bigger the stadium, the faster the speed, and the smaller the ball, the higher the lighting standards, such as tennis, table tennis and badminton. For those athletes and referees who are closer to the opponent and the ball, there is no sheltered sports such as basketball, football, and tennis. For athletes and referees, the horizontal illuminance will be 150 to 3001ux, but it will be possible to achieve professional The game requires 300 lux is not enough, usually is 500-800 lux, such as football and basketball.

The level of lighting required by athletes is different from that of spectators. Athletes are located in the arena and relatively close to the line of sight, so relatively low lighting levels can meet the needs of the competition; while spectators are different, their purpose is to watch the game. Relatively speaking, the audience is far away and the viewing position is relatively fixed.

As the athlete moves, the audience’s line of sight also moves. Therefore, the lighting standard is increased as the viewer’s viewing distance increases. Illumination is a key indicator of whether the audience is watching.

Sports lighting fixtures are the need for color television broadcast

Color television broadcasting has promoted the rapid promotion and popularization of sport in the world. The development of color television technology requires higher and higher levels of lighting, while photography is different from photography. It is a film sensuous recording of the arena, photos or movies. The effect depends mainly on exposure, sharpness, color rendering and other factors. HDTV broadcast HDTV to reach 2000 lux.

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