High Mast Lights

The high mast light is a lighting fixture for large squares. Its height allows the lighting to reach a large enough area, whether it is in the service area of the expressway, toll booth, or in front of a large enterprise. It is also a recreation and entertainment plaza. We can all see the figure of the high pole lamp, which seems to have become a must for wide-area lighting. 

The high mast light has won a wide market with its straight and atmospheric appearance, easy-to-lift function for maintenance, and large-area illumination. demand. Because of the high price, customers are very concerned about the long service life of high pole lamps. After all, it is a product of 10,000 yuan. If it is broken in three or five years, the customer feels that it is not cost-effective. So what are the factors that affect the service life of the lift-type high mast light?

What are the factors that affect the service life of lift-type high mast lights?

The components of the high mast lighting are the main pole, the lifting system, the lamp panel and the lamp holder.

High pole lamp main pole: The main pole of the high pole lamp with a height of more than 20 meters is usually made of steel plate with wall thickness of 5 and 6mm. After the lamp post is rolled, the joint is welded by the large burial machine. The solid level is not inferior to the solidity of the whole board. After the whole welding of the high pole lamp is completed, the inner and outer surface layers need to be hot-dip galvanized. The qualified galvanizing process can ensure that the main rod will not rust within 15 years, of course, the unqualified galvanizing. The process will not achieve this effect. After all, the wall thickness of the steel is more than 5mm. Even if it is rusted, it will not be rusted after ten or twenty years. Therefore, the main pole of the high pole lamp is basically not broken. Unless it is intended to be replaced, it will be replaced.

High mast light lifting system: the lifting system is a core component of the led high mast light. The lifting of the light panel is completely dependent on the lifting system. The lifting system of the high pole light is mainly the hoist and the wire rope. If the wire rope is not bad, the hoist may be used for decades. There will be no problem. Why do you say this? First, the hoisting machine is installed in the main pole of the high pole light. It will not be exposed to the wind and water, and will not cause the aging of the line. Secondly, the hoist is rarely started. If the lamp source is not bad for ten years, then it will not be used for ten years. So it is very difficult to make the lifting system bad.

High mast light panel: The function of the lamp panel is to install the light source. The exterior style is very diverse. The lamp panel has an open type, a ball form, a closed type, etc., and many styles are also realized by bending and welding. Its solid level is indestructible. It is not a problem to assemble 10-20 400-watt high-pressure sodium lamps or LED lamps, so it is not easy to make the lamp panel bad.

LED high mast light head: Generally it is a floodlight or a floodlight. The light source is a high pressure sodium lamp floodlight or a high pressure sodium lamp floodlight or an LED floodlight or an LED floodlight. Which kind of luminaire is used depends mainly on customer needs. The light source is the main component of the whole set of high pole lights. Because the light source is broken, it is equal to the high pole light. Therefore, the quality of the light source is particularly important. It is especially important when selecting lamps. It is not necessary to choose cheap lamps and choose some cheap lamps.

If you want to make the high pole lamp have the longest service life, then you can do two things: 1. Spray 2. Choose a good quality lamp.

Apart from the light source, the other parts are almost impossible. Here, we must pay special attention to the fact that the high-pole lamp is sprayed because the spray process is slightly inferior—such as poor quality of the powder or too high or too low baking temperature. These factors can cause the surface of the high mast light body to burst, which does not affect the use but seriously affects the appearance.

Through the above introduction, we should have a relatively good understanding of the factors affecting the service life of the lift type LED high mast light.

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