airport lighting system

The airport lighting system is an important part of the airport apron flood lighting system. It is one of the important supporting equipment for the apron operation and aviation security lighting. It plays an important role in the actual operation of the airport, and its working stability and Reliability directly affects the normal operation of the airport. Due to the wide application of pole lights in airport operations and their high energy consumption

Due to the long-term wind, sun, rain, and snow invasion, the lift-style pole lights must be periodically checked and repaired by professionals in order to improve their service life and safety. Generally checked once every six months.

(1) Preparation before maintenance 1. Familiar with drawings, clear requirements, and prepare materials and tools. 2, check whether the mechanical parts are in good condition. Such as: whether the fastening bolts of various components are firm, whether the bearings are lubricated, airport pole lights, etc., and worn parts must be promptly replaced.

The high mast lighting configuration electric lift system consists of an electric motor, a hoist, three groups of hot dip galvanized wire ropes and cables. The lamp post is installed inside the body, and the lifting speed is 3 to 5 meters per minute. The guiding and unloading system consists of a guide wheel and a guide arm to ensure that the lamp pan does not move laterally during lifting. When the lamp pan is lifted into position, the lamp pan can be automatically detached and locked by a hook. The lighting electrical system has 624 400w to 1000w gold halide (white light), cast light, and flood light fixtures. The computer time controller can automatically control the switch light time and some lighting or full lighting.

LED floodlights are also used in airport terminals. They can create indirect lighting (commonly used in traditional airports), mixed lighting (direct lighting + indirect lighting, modern airport trends). The most common usage is to use a high-powered flood light, installed on the building structure of the ceiling, irradiating obliquely upwards, and illuminating the ground with the reflected light from the ceiling of the ceiling.

However, although this kind of lighting method can prevent glare, but the use of light is very low efficiency, according to the evaluation, only 10% -20% of the light flux of light down, if only rely on indirect lighting, the brightness of the entire space will certainly not enough, appears dark Dirty. Therefore, modern airport lighting more combines the advantages of indirect lighting and direct lighting, and they complement each other to complete the need for functional lighting.

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