Features of Badminton Court Lighting

1.  Badminton court lighting is usually used in three forms: natural lighting, artificial lighting and a combination of the two at the same time using the lighting. Modern badminton courts, most of the mixed lighting, artificial lighting, which badminton courts for the general lighting.

Badminton Hall in the design, to make accurate judging the ball road, height and placement, the first is to maximize the use of natural light, the effect of natural light is the best, of course, to prevent glare, can not be too strong direct light or Reflected in the eyes. The second is to increase the illumination value of a venue, PPA can not shadow.

2, to provide a darker background, badminton has a better contrast, the illumination of the entire venue can be lower than the illumination of the PPA.

2) lighting uniformity Sports venue illumination is uniform.

The uniformity of illumination is used to measure the visual conditions inside the venue. Uniformity refers to the venue should be able to be uniformly irradiated, should not appear too bright or too dark areas in order to provide good visual conditions for athletes, spectators, referees. For example, in the case of a television broadcast, the camera’s illumination of the panorama of the competition area should not change significantly, otherwise the camera may be exposed.

3) glare glare is obvious.

Glare is another important factor to evaluate the quality of Badminton Court Led Lighting. The appearance of glare has something to do with the installation of lamps, installation height, the number of lamps and the installation density and the light distribution of lamps and lanterns.

When there is too high contrast in the field of vision, people will feel dazzling and thus affect people’s vision. Such as the sunny afternoon to see the sun will not be able to open your eyes This is due to the brightness of the glare formed. Badminton court glare for direct glare due to the lower ceiling when the movement of athletes when the light is very dazzling long time eyes uncomfortable seriously affect the athlete to observe the movement of the ball.

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