baseball field lighting

The range of baseball field lighting is not only on the sports ground, but also in the upper space of the field, it should be fully illuminated, especially in the range between the pitcher and the Catcher. In order to reduce glare to the audience and increase the sense of comfort to the visual environment, there should be 7 m of the area outside the field boundary, to reduce glare and increase space brightness. 

Professional Baseball TV standard baseball field lighting differs from other sports lighting mainly in that the pole position and the relative position of the stadium are very strict, and the number of fixed cameras used in the baseball field is six or seven.

In the Major League Baseball, the relevant television standards do not explicitly describe their illuminance numerical requirements, the implementation process is more to the level of illumination requirements. 

After satisfying the requirements of the level illumination parameters proposed by the Alliance, the effect of TV relay is usually well guaranteed. The illumination requirements for Major League Baseball stadium lights are: Infield: horizontal illumination ≥2500LX Outfield: horizontal illumination ≥2000LX The color index of the light source is the main point of the ≥65 light source, which is summed up as follows: 

(1) the diameter of the ball is small, the speed is fast, and the trajectory is difficult to capture,   So we need enough horizontal illumination and a certain height range of vertical illumination.   

(2) to meet the requirements of the field and outfield, the uniformity and gradient relationship. 

(3) According to the site environment, determine the number of light poles, vertical pole height and type of lamp, beam width and number of lamps and lanterns.

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