high power led stadium light

Performance characteristics of high power led stadium lights : Light and lightweight, equipped with easy handling handle, at the same time equipped with 360º adjustment of the installation bracket, and equipped with accurate sight accessories, installed at the top of the lamp body or low-end; ambient temperature: can adapt to indoor and outdoor routine weather use; 

The luminous efficiency of lamps and the effective utilization ratio of light are greatly improved; unique elliptical optical system with new light source, ensure the overall efficiency of high reliability, low glare and the best level of high power led stadium lights, compact appearance, small wind resistance coefficient, light weight. Lamps have a unique design of the distribution curve, light beam precision, a variety of light, instantaneous starting and other characteristics. 

High-efficiency led stadium floodlight performance characteristics: Patented “fin-type” thermal structure design led cooling area greater, better thermal conductivity, not only effectively reduce the LED junction heating, and light decay more low life, while the product weight lighter, safe use performance is extremely high, is the market for sports vuenue lighting use of High-tech LED lighting products.

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