badminton court led lighting

Badminton court led lighting,venue lighting layout scheme and mode, is summed up. Basically there are two kinds. (a), matrix-type uniform light (light) mode. No matter how large the venue area, no matter how many badminton venues, no matter how the badminton venue layout. Only the whole badminton stadium as a unit, according to each venue lighting coverage of the square meters, the matrix uniform layout of the stadium lighting.

The technical and economical characteristics of matrix uniform Bucquan (lamp) mode. One is: the level of the site lighting uniformity and vertical illumination uniformity is high. The lighting of the venue is evenly distributed, no shadow, no zebra effect. 

The second is: each piece of badminton venues, in the venue layout is flexible, free from the stadium lighting restrictions.

Third is: effect of led lighting for badminton court lighting, play the overall lighting effect of the stadium lighting. The quality of stadium lighting is high, the use quantity of the stadium lamp is small, investment province. 

Four is: Badminton sports venues lighting Energy saving power. followed by the use of Qingdao Frank 6u-60w no glare harm high frequency energy-saving lamps part of the high-end badminton museum shows that its venues lighting power costs, on average to each piece of badminton venues, hourly electricity bill less than a dollar. 

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