high-power led industrial lights

Our company mainly do high-power led industrial lights, LED lights. Includes indoor and outdoor lighting. In the choice of outdoor led flood lights, we should pay attention to many details.

Mainly due to outdoor, it is necessary to consider waterproof and explosion-proof requirements are relatively high. In outdoor lighting requirements of the lighting a little higher. There are many led lights have done a corrosion-proof, waterproof, our lights are the same. 

And our lamp is relatively new in appearance, looks very comfortable. Breakthrough led lamp stereotyped appearance. The problem is that outside there are larger temperature changes, exposure to polluting gases, over voltages, etc., for which the 3030 have not been designed and the Chinese are using them in led flood lights outdoor,Flood Ligts and more 200lm/w?

Of course you can get that efficiency with a led 3030. For me the best ones are those of Osram chip. I would use it for outdoor because it is not the application for which it was designed. It is much less robust than a power LED and will be degraded much earlier due to both the chemical agents present outdoors (contamination) and the overvoltages of the electrical network.

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