Nowadays, some of the large-scale stadiums, public places, factory workshops and other outdoor lighting venues are still using metal halide lamps, energy-saving lamps and other traditional lamps. 

The penetration rate of LED lamps has not reached the expected requirements. The lack of product awareness, high prices, and high initial investment are major factors affecting popularization. However, considering the whole process in combination with the product life cycle and other factors, it is often a completely different result.

Take 200W as an example, LED lighting effect is high, 200W LED high bay light can replace 400W metal halide lamp.

Compared with traditional metal halide lamps and energy-saving lamps, led high bay light have very obvious energy-saving benefits. Although the previous investment in replacing traditional lamps with high bay light has increased, it will realize cost recovery by saving electricity charges in a relatively short period of time. The sooner you replace, the sooner you enjoy energy savings.

The excellent energy-saving performance of LED lighting is the best choice to replace the traditional high bay light. Under the global energy tight environment, under the conditions of the governments at all levels to promote energy conservation and environmental protection, LED lighting replacement will be the trend of the times. .

Razorlux Lighting specializes in producing various types of high bay led lighting, street lamps, and floodlights, focusing on providing energy-saving retrofit solutions for traditional mining lamps and street lamps, and escorting contract energy management.

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