football field lighting standard

What are the lighting standard of outdoor football field lighting?

1, installation method site lighting has two basic layout methods: Four Corners Layout-lamps installed in the stadium near the diagonal extension of the high tower;

The latter can be subdivided into two different ways:

(1) Dauta (rod) installation, 2, 3 or 4 towers on one side;

(2) The light belt installs, the lamp installs in the roof or the ma Dao, the Illumination light form and the field sideline parallel light belt. 2, Four corners of the layout of the tower structure installation method, this way is acceptable.

The height of football stadium light should ensure that the bottom row of the tower to the center point of the stadium and the angle of the stadium is not less than 20 °, in order to reduce the glare to athletes and spectators, this angle can be relaxed to 30 °, but the investment of lighthouse will increase, and the ratio of vertical illuminance to horizontal illumination will decrease.

At least 5 ° at the midpoint of the pitch to ensure the vertical illumination of the athlete near the sideline. By increasing this angle, the glare decreases and the vertical illumination increases at the same time to the athlete who moves to the bottom line. Increasing the angle of the limit depends on the ceiling that interferes with the lighting and the shadows on the pitch. 

The goal points out at least 15 ° to limit the glare of goal area players when kicking corners. Two angle limit lines determine the location of the football led lights, ideally the lighthouse is as close as possible to the diagonal extension of the pitch. 

To ensure that the entire stadium is illuminated, the bottom row of the lighthouse to the angle of the stadium and the angle of the course is not more than 70 °, which can effectively determine the lighthouse to the corner of the minimum distance. 3, side cloth lamp side cloth lamp recommended position, football stadium lights requirements are suitable for dauta (one side is 2, 3, 4 towers), and suitable for light belt. Judging from the longitudinal axis of the field, the Alpha minimum 20° is only applicable to the training field and the lower level, because the glare control is lower. 

When α is 25°, the glare control is better and the vertical illumination is higher. Although alpha enlargement is beneficial to control glare, the vertical illumination component decreases, the investment of lighthouse or the way is greatly increased, and it is not possible to raise the roof of the grandstand in order to increase the alpha angle, although the structure can withstand the floodlight.

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