sports and stadium lighting

Because the area of sports field is bigger, the distance is far, and the range of motion of the soccer is bigger, so it is required that the illumination has uniformity of the ground glazing distribution. 

The ratio of minimum to maximum horizontal illumination of GB is 0. 5, the ratio of minimum to maximum verticality is 0. 4. The ratio of vertical illumination to horizontal illumination should not be less than 0. 25, the vertical illumination of the stadium auditorium should not be less than 0 of the site’s vertical illumination. 

25. 3.3 Glare limits the key to sports stadium lighting, in addition to providing adequate horizontal and vertical illumination, also need to reduce glare, so as to achieve a bright and comfortable effect, glare is one of the most important factors affecting the quality of lighting, the solution of glare is mainly to solve the installation height of the illumination, the projector direction of the illumination and the direction of the athlete’s movement and the viewing angle of the spectator. And so on, so in the center of the sports field can see the lowest part of the sports and stadium lighting‘s angle should be above 30 degrees. 

At home and abroad on the control of glare has a certain standard, generally for large-scale competition venues Glare index (CF) should not be greater than 50; The glare index (GF) of the practice site should not be greater than 60.

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