Stadium Light Glare

What are the hazards of stadium light glare to athletes?

LED stadium floodlights, should not be dazzling, dazzling, not dazzling, no dazzling effect, no glare hazards.

In the event of a glare hazard in the lighting of the field, the person who plays the ball will see only one dazzling, the dazzling light curtain in multiple positions and at multiple angles, and will not see the air flying sphere. Also, the discomfort caused by the visual glare of the glaring energy will also cause discomfort.

Experience has shown that the dazzling effect of the badminton court lighting is due to the fact that the person who plays the ball in the badminton hall has a large angle of view and has the highest probability of appearance.

Table tennis room, badminton court lighting, basketball court lighting and volleyball halls and other stadium lighting projects have shown. Under the condition of the same light intensity, the short-wavelength stadium lighting energy, resulting glare, glare and dazzling effect, will be more serious than the long-wavelength field lighting glare.

High-end sports stadium lighting engineering practice tells us: The metal atom characteristic spectrum of sports lights and high color temperature of the venue lighting. Because of the spectral distribution of the stadium lighting, it largely deviates from the energy structure of the visible spectrum of sunlight. Stadium lighting glare energy is high, dazzling, the dazzling degree is serious, in the course lighting, the degree of harm of glare is serious.

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