outdoor tennis court lighting

Illuminance standard for tennis court (GB): Amateur games (Training): 150LX-300LX, General Games: 300LX-500LX, official tournament: 500-750-Higher (1500LX). Auditorium 30LX-100LX

Installation Environment Description: Outdoor tennis court surrounded screen height is generally 4-6 meters, the visual field surrounding environment (trees or building height) can increase or decrease. Lighting should be installed in the stadium, in addition to indoor roof lamps distribution outside the outdoor stadium and on both sides should not be set lamps. 

Outdoor tennis court lighting should be set on both sides of the wall from the ground height of 6 meters above, light from both sides of the stadium on the scene of uniform irradiation. 

3, professional advice: 1, tennis court lighting should use high power led flood light, 

2, lamps and lanterns should use floodlight, reflector should be clear, the best use of integrated lighting; 

3, the light source power according to the lamp height, the cloth lamp density and the illumination demand uses the 400w-1000w.

4, according to the different level of competition, lighting can be grouped control, 

5, the lamp height in 6-8 meters, installed in the upper position of the person’s view,

6, lamp spacing is larger, can be appropriate to reduce the glare degree;

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