golf course led lighting

Golf course illumination recommended illuminance values refer to the standard values of illuminance for golf courses and other stadiums, and the illuminance values of golf courses are recommended as follows: horizontal illumination of hitting area:

 The average horizontal illuminance value of main rod should be more than 150Lx; 

 In the 30m height of the batting area vertical illuminance: A main bar area behind the average vertical illuminance should be 100Lx or above; b hitting the front 100m place the average vertical illumination should be more than 300Lx; 

C batting area in front of 200m, the average vertical illumination of golf course lights should be more than 150Lx. In the total length of the channel, both horizontal illumination and vertical illumination should provide good lighting conditions for this undulating hill area. The average level of illumination required is above 120Lx. 

The average vertical illumination should be more than 50Lx. The vertical illuminance is the average vertical illuminance on the cross section of the effective width within the vertical height 30m of the channel. The putt green area should also have enough illuminance. It is also necessary to minimize the human shadow generated by the batter as a result of hitting the ball in multiple directions in the area. The average level of golf course led lighting illumination in this area is more than 250Lx.

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