High Power Led Stadium Light

The importance of stadium lighting, the following two factors should be considered: 

Meet the visual requirements of athletes in sports competitions and minimize the objective impact of lighting on the game. To meet the visual requirements of the audience, so that the light to watch the game caused by the discomfort of feeling down to the lowest level.

Second, the design standards of high power led stadium light, in order to get a good lighting design, reasonable use of light distribution to meet the needs of athletes, spectators, referees vision and good television transmission effect requirements, must first determine the lighting standards, including illuminance standards and lighting quality standards.

Lighting quality standards, including glare, light color temperature has color rendering requirements, the direction of light, energy-saving requirements. We should choose high efficiency light source and lamp, adopt the accessory such as low energy consumption ballast, and add compensation capacitor to improve the power factor of the system. Lighting design of stadium led lights should have a variety of light mode and corresponding control scheme.

Can adjust the number of lamps and lanterns for different needs of the competition and activities to provide suitable lighting, control scheme to be simple, practical, and has strong flexibility. When designing, consider the light output reduced by dust or light source decay during the life of the lamp.

The attenuation of the light source depends on the ambient condition of the installation site and the type of light source selected, so the initial illumination of the new luminaire is 1.2~1.5 times of the recommended value in the table.

The degree of glare produced by a luminaire depends on the density of the lamp, the direction of projection, the number of places to watch in the field, the brightness of the environment, etc. In fact, the number of fixtures is related to how much the auditorium is.

Relatively speaking, the training field as long as the installation of simple lamps can be, and large stadiums to install more lamps, through the control of the beam, to achieve high illumination, low glare purposes.

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