Importance of Marine LED Flood Light

Marine led lighting is a necessary condition for navigation, operation, and life of ship management personnel.

It usually includes ensuring navigation safety and personal safety lighting, the lighting of the ship working area and lighting of the living area

It also plays an important role in safe navigation. Therefore, the marine led flood light system should be actively maintained and maintained in daily operation.

General lighting and portable lamps and lanterns: should be of the insulation resistance measuring circuit (under normal circumstances is greater than 0.5 M Ω), check whether the socket connection is aging and open circuit, for outdoor lamps and lanterns should check the watertight performance and corrosion, who had a damaged should be replaced in a timely manner, usually cycle once every half a year.

Emergency lighting: performance test should be conducted once a month and insulation resistance should be measured every half a year.

Before each sailing, check the power supply, lamp and fault alarm device of the navigation light signal lamp. The watertight performance and insulation resistance of the power supply, switch, connecting cables and lamps should be checked before the use of the searchlight and canal lamps. Each lighting circuit shall be provided with overload and short circuit protection.

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