LED stadium flood lights

The lighting of stadiums is an important part of stadium design, and it is very complicated. It is not only to meet the needs of athletes to play and spectators, but also to meet the film and television live broadcast on the lighting of the color temperature, illuminance, illuminance uniformity and so on, this requirement is much higher than the athletes and spectators.

In addition, the lighting lamps and lanterns of the way to the overall planning of sports production, the structure of the stand closely with the form.

Especially, the maintenance of lighting equipment is closely related to architectural design. Have to do a full consideration. The modern stadium generally uses the high-power led flood light as the light source, most uses the 1000w led stadium flood light, it has the high light effect (about 120m/w,) the high color, the color temperature in 5000-6000k, can satisfy the high clear color television to the outdoor illumination request.

General light source life of more than 3000h, lamp efficiency can reach 80%, lighting dustproof Waterproof grade requirements are not less than IP65, the current common high-power cast light protection level can reach IP65. A large area lighting, it is appropriate to illuminate the same lighting area of different lamps and lanterns in different phase of the line.

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