Importances Of Football Field Lighting

The quality of football field illumination mainly depends on illuminance level, illuminance uniformity and glare control degree. The level of illumination required by the athlete is not the same as that of the audience, and the level of illumination required for the athlete is relatively low, while the audience’s goal is to watch the game, and the lighting requirement increases with the viewing distance.

 The table gives the normal use of illuminance values, in the design, to take into account the life of the lamp during the lifetime of dust or light source attenuation caused by the loss of light output. The attenuation of the football field lighting source depends on the ambient condition of the installation site and the type of light source selected, so the initial illumination of the new luminaire is 1 of the recommended value in the table. 2~1. 5 times times. 

The degree of glare produced by a luminaire depends on the density of the lamp, the direction of projection, the number of places to watch in the field, the brightness of the environment, etc. In fact, the number of fixtures is related to how much the auditorium is. Relatively speaking, the training field as long as the installation of simple lamps can be, and large stadiums to install more lamps, through the control of the beam, to achieve high illumination, low glare purposes. In addition to the glare of athletes and spectators, lamps can also produce glare outside the arena. But don’t light the soccer field lighting on the roads or neighborhoods around the football field or the stadium. On the lighting requirements of color TV broadcast, in the “CIE28 publication (1975)–Sports competition color TV relay lighting Requirements” has been proposed

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