installation of lighting fixtures

The installation of lighting fixtures in the football field is relatively high. The standard of football field lighting is relatively large. The common fixtures are 1000W high-power luminaires. If they are replaced with LED luminaires, 400W headlights should be used at least, so that the brightness and illumination are used. Speaking, it will be more suitable for football venues.

The installation requirements of lighting fixtures on the football field are relatively high. Generally, the football field uses high-power 1000w led flood light. The standard football field is relatively large. The ordinary lamps used are high-power lamps with 1000W. If they are replaced with LED lamps, at least To use a 400W headlight, this would be more suitable for football pitches in terms of brightness and illuminance, and the pole height could be 10-12 meters.

Football stadium lighting fixtures generally require a higher degree of illumination, the use of Ma Dabu lamp mode, arranged on both sides of the court above, cast light towards the competition area, 160w LED flood light

The requirements for football stadium lights are relatively strict. The wattage of a lamp is the lowest 800W, 1500W is the best, and if it is high, it can be more than 10 meters, and it should be placed in the diagonal plane of the football field. With the LED lamp, a 100W projection lamp can be used.

Protection level up to IP65, spotlight, lamp body material: aluminum alloy and other appliances, the cost of the package down is about 5,000 yuan, must go through a rigorous waterproof and dustproof design test, anodized aluminum reflector, provide symmetrically or not- Symmetrical light distribution effect.

The price comes from the internet and is for reference only.

1, including the basic cost of 160,000, excluding the base about 110,000!

2, metal halide light source lamp, its special lamp should generally install 1000 watts, 1800 watts and 2000 watts three, in order to meet the different weather and lighting conditions, night games on the stadium luminous flux, color rendering and color temperature requirements.

3, pole height of 8 meters, lighting design standard reference 300Lux, protection class IP65

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