parking lot lighting

Issues of Parking lot lighting 

    1, In order to ensure the safety management of the garage, we must use the lighting system. It is a large number of garage lamps, lamps need 24 hours light, high loss.

    2, garage lighting expensive electricity to 1000 traditional fluorescent lamps, 24 hours a day light, the daily electricity bill is about: 26006 yuan = (43 W x 24 hours / 1000 x 30 days x 1000 x 0.84 yuan)

3, the traditional fluorescent lamp, power, loss, high cost, short life, rapid replacement of damaged tubes, maintenance workload, high maintenance costs.

    4, no car in and out of the garage, the normal lighting, the second sub-seconds to reduce the property company’s net profit, consume national energy resources, can not respond to the company’s low-carbon environmental protection work.

Solution: (Parking lighting needs)

  1 to meet the illumination and comfort commercial led parking lot light.

  2. Long lamp life (50,000 hours), reduce maintenance costs.

  3. Use green lighting products to achieve low-carbon energy conservation and environmental protection

  4. The use of intelligent radar sensor led parking lot lights retrofit, reasonable control of brightness, to achieve people to light. 

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