sports venue lighting

Advances in lighting engineering design and technology have made sporting events watch more and more at night. In the past 10 years, the efficacy of the light source has been improved, so the necessary power for sports equipment has been reduced, and higher lighting levels are required.

In addition to higher lighting levels, good visual performance and high quality television playback must also have low glare and high uniformity. 

Motion lighting design requires accurate estimates, so designers must have a thorough understanding of 1000w led flood light for sports lighting engineering principles and related computer programs.

 Additional instructions can be found in sports and entertainment sports venue lighting in the IES practice recommendations. Classification of playrooms and equipment There is no longer any meaning in the traditional way of distinguishing sports into amateur and professional. Modern habits allow amateurs and professional athletes to compete in the same events (such as golf and tennis).

In addition, there are amateur sports such as basketball and football that have almost the same skill level as professional sports and use the same equipment.

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