sports stadium lighting design

Lighting design, should be based on the actual need to use high-definition television relay lighting, such lighting is generally applicable to major international competitions. When holding major international competitions, sports stadium lighting design should conform to the technical requirements of international sports organizations and organizing committee. 3.0.3 in the design of television relay lighting, in addition to television viewers, should fully consider the lighting standards of other users on the ground.

 When the sports lighting standards of athletes, coaches and spectators are inconsistent with the lighting requirements of television broadcasts, the lighting requirements of the users should be considered first, and sometimes the number of camera positions or the range of camera covers may be limited. 3.0.4 Lighting Design should consider the same sports venues for a variety of uses, and should be based on different uses and project requirements design lighting.

When providing illumination grading for multi-purpose purposes, it is necessary to meet the special requirements of sports activities, but also for entertainment, training, maintenance, cleaning and safety services. 3.0.5 Stadium lighting Design to meet the requirements of various functions, but also should consider the use of asymmetric lighting systems and other ways to save energy and through reasonable lighting design to avoid interference with light. Requirements of LED sports stadium light should be taken into account in the conceptual building design phase, and lighting and floodlight fixtures should be given the best possible placement to achieve the best lighting quality and to avoid glare 3.0.6.

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