large area lighting

Large areas lighting such as airports, ports, railway freight stations, car parks, construction sites and warehouses generally use the “floodlight lighting” system for lighting. It is recommended that all lighting methods for floodlight systems generally use a cast to produce a higher surface illumination relative to the background. Most large areas are used for high beam lighting. 

The LED flood lights for large areas and sportsfields is favored because it can move freely in the stipulated area. The height of the high pole is 20 or 30 meters. If the lamp pole exorbitant cost will be very considerable, too low will increase the number of high pole. However, if there are many relatively high buildings in the region, you should use a lower pole, which can avoid large area of shadow generation. 

If emphasis is placed on space savings or on the flexibility of land use, the height of the bar should be higher than M, because the higher the altitude, the greater the area it is exposed to, so that the high rods considered as obstacles can be reduced accordingly. The level of illumination (horizontal illumination) on the horizontal plane is an essential parameter. 

We also sometimes need vertical illumination, such as a reading task or a situation where the goods need to be inspected or moved. Illumination level and evenness depend on the difficulty of visual task, on the other hand, it depends on the working efficiency and safety level. and the safety of persons and property should also be taken into account.

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