LED gym lights

Different from the other sports arena, indoor badminton Hall in the layout of lighting, the requirements for China led gym lights is also different, for lighting requirements are very harsh. Other sports arena requires the intensity of the stadium lighting is enough, and indoor badminton Hall is not only required to be adequate lighting intensity, and light irradiation evenly, the light is not dazzling, no glare, no dazzling.

For badminton enthusiasts to go to Badminton sports field, arena glare, strobe lights are always a big problem for the athletes, standing on the pitch look up, not clear the ball, especially in the high lob or Pingyuan ball, eye contact with the glare of the light, can not see clear the ball, It is easy to misjudge the flight path of badminton and the flight route, which affects the movement play. And, long time in the glare of the light to play, the eyes will also have a burden. For the badminton Hall, the Life of light is an important factor to consider the lighting.


Some of the arena in the purchase of cheap 30w led floodlight, in order to consider the cost, will purchase a lower price of the arena lamp, but the actual use of light is the use of a period of time, will be due to burn electrodes or tungsten wire damage to the entire lamp, need to return to repair or replacement, maintenance costs high, maintenance This also virtually increases the cost of arena costs, simply can not play the effect of saving money. Therefore, the use of light life long, maintenance rate and replacement rate is the Badminton hall in the selection of lights need to pay attention to the place.

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