ice skate lighting

Figure skating at the standard ice stadium of 30X60 meters. Points: the best – 4 ℃, the highest no more than 3 ℃, the lowest not less than 5 ℃. Ice thickness: best 5.5-6cm, minimum 4.5cm.

The individual organization has a low requirement for the lighting of the skating ground, the minimum illumination is 1400lx, and the color temperature is uniform, and the lights should be evenly distributed across the ice and the entrance of the athletes. Lighting should also meet the requirements of color TV transmission. The relevant standards have been specified in the lighting design and testing standards of sports venues in China.

The ice skating lighting requirements of the single organization for the snowfall project are: the light on the track is evenly arranged, and the illumination should be no less than 80 lx. The light does not change the surface of the snow path. The lights should show the athletes the exact topography, and buildings and obstacles near the line must be clearly illuminated. If the TV is broadcast, the lux level should not be less than 1400lx. The standard is 500~700lx and should avoid glare.

In addition, some projects are not for night competitions, such as the great slalom of alpine skiing and super giant slalom.

Biathlon is a combination of cross-country skiing and shooting, originating in Scandinavia. At the eighth winter Olympic Games in 1960, two men entered the Olympic Games for the first time. In 1992, two women’s winter Olympic Games entered the Olympic Games in Albertville, France. Now we have 11 small items.

The individual organization requires that the illumination on the entire circuit and the sports field should be no less than 300lx, no dark area, and must be equal to all competitors. The finishing line, target and school gun paper target lighting intensity should reach 1000lx, no shadow. If the television is broadcast, the lighting conditions must comply with the requirements of the TV broadcasting and the illumination of the sports field should be no less than 1000lx.

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