swimming pool lighting

The particularity of swimming pool lighting

1. The biggest problem that distinguishes swimming pool lighting from other lighting is how to control the light curtain reflection on the water surface. The reflection of the light curtain on the surface of the water can cause many hazards to people. Therefore, the installation of the luminaire should ensure that there is no visual interference and the best results for watching the game. On the water surface of the swimming pool, the ratio of light reflection and transmission depends on the angle of incidence of light as shown on the right.

2. The swimming pool is not a precise working place. For swimmers, swimming pool lighting must first provide safety for swimmers. Therefore, swimming pool lighting must meet the following requirements:

(1) The service personnel must be able to clearly see the swimmers who are at risk. This can be achieved by limiting the reflected light from the surface of the water and having a horizontal illumination that meets the standard.

(2) During the swimming competition, when the athlete touches the pool, the referee and the spectator should be able to clearly see the action of the touch pool, so that the referee can accurately determine.

(3) When holding large-scale events, the vertical illumination value and its uniformity must meet the requirements of color TV broadcasting.

3. High-brightness glare on the wall must be avoided, as high-brightness walls make it easier to create glare on the pool surface.

4. Specific requirements for light sources and lamps:

(1) In accordance with the requirements of the International Commission on Illumination CIE, in principle, swimming pool lighting should use a high color rendering source. At the same time, due to the large number of lamps, taking into account the energy-saving requirements, try to use high-efficiency, long-life light source.

(2) The indoor swimming pool environment is high temperature, humid, and chemically corroded. The lamps should be able to adapt to this unfavorable environment, and the maintenance work is different from the outdoor one. The swimming pool lighting should be fully sealed to prevent dust from accumulating on the light source and the optical reflector. If the light bulb is broken, the glass will fall into the fixture and will not hurt people. Due to moisture and condensate, the degree of protection of the luminaire must be at least IP23, and the luminaire itself should be protected against corrosion. Light fixtures with different light distributions should be selected according to the distance of the transmission distance of the lamps.

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