Outdoor Football Stadium Light

Outdoor soccer pitches and integrated stadium light position lighting requirements (1) four tower layout. According to CIENO57, the lighthouse position should be located near the extension line of the diagonal of the race site. 

The height of the tower should make the lowest one row of floodlight with the center of the site at the angle of the site plane and above 25°. Offset the 5° from the pitch center of the football field, limiting the glare to the runners who have moved to the door line. Offset the 15° at the center point of the goal to limit the glare that the goal area athlete produces when the corner is opened. 

At least one line of soccer field lights and field angle connection between the same field angle to the tower base horizontal line between the angle should be ≤70°, lamp installation before tilting 15 °, to avoid the upper row of lights are under the exhaust light shielding and caused light loss. Outside the 5° and the bottom line outside the 15° is the minimum value, the lighthouse can only be arranged in the gray area of the figure. The four lighthouses are responsible for lighting up 1/4 of the pitches for uniform illumination.

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