volleyball court lighting fixtures

Design requirements of volleyball court lighting fixtures 

(1) Outdoor Stadium lights using aluminum alloy material to make molding. 

(2) imported reflector is used in outdoor stadium special lamp. 

(3) Outdoor stadium lights to maintain the stadium and the highest degree of lighting on the surface, while making the light evenly distributed. 

(4) Outdoor Stadium lighting shell using aluminum alloy after the production, can rust, anti-corrosion, improve lamp life. 

(5) Outdoor led stadium lighting Four degree of precision to achieve waterproof, dustproof, protective grade for IP-65. 

(6) Outdoor Stadium led lights make athletes feel bright, comfortable and without glare during the course of the game. Lighting scheme for a beach volleyball court. 1 Project Overview Beach Volleyball Court is a Class A stadium, competition venues (PA) mx8 m rectangle, the total area (TA) for mx20 m rectangle, the total size of mx56 m, plans to accommodate 3 000~4 000 people, sports function should reach the TV broadcast National International competition requirements.

 1.2 Lighting Scheme Analysis according to the “Stadium lighting design and testing standards” requirements, beach volleyball owner camera direction of the vertical illuminance requirements ≥1 LX, auxiliary camera direction of vertical illumination requirements e≥750 LX, General color Index requirements r≥80.

At present, the stadium lights are divided into four tower layout, multi-tower layout, light belt layout and so on. Multi-tower arrangement is difficult to meet the requirements of TV transmission, and it is easy to obstruct the audience; the light-belt arrangement is strict to glare control technology. In order to meet the requirements of the match illumination, this paper adopts four Tarbes lamp mode.

In this case, the metal halide lamp, due to its small size, it is easy to control the advantages of light beam, high efficiency, good color rendering and so on, which is most suitable for the sports illumination of color TV relay. For the stadium safe illumination, the glare brightness request is low, requires the light source to have the high starting speed characteristic, takes into account the energy saving request, uses the LED With uninterruptible power supply ups.

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