baseball field lights

Located in the Olympic sports center of dongpu district, guangzhou city, the baseball stadium is the first professional baseball field with modern baseball field lighting facilities in China, and the main venue of the baseball team competition of the 9th national games by the state general administration of sport. 

Throughout the lighting design process of the baseball field, it can be concluded that the lighting requirements are high, the geological conditions are poor, and the implementation is difficult. This increases the height of the lamp pole and the number of lights. It produces a lot of embryos. This includes security, economy and operability. To this. After many studies and feasibility analysis with relevant experts, sheng finally established the lighting mode with eight lamp posts as the course, and took the center of the lamp shooting 28 meters away from the ground as the height of the lamppost. For the fan-shaped baseball field, 34 sets of two rods were used in the form of symmetry on both sides. The number of baseball field lights with 48 sets of 2 rods and 32 sets of 4 rods is distributed on the 8 rods.

Lighting design 

(1) the calculation of illumination and uniformity of the inside and outside field is to design the lighting of a baseball field, which is different from the baseball field lights, because the shape of the baseball field is fan-shaped, and the lighting value of the inside field and the outside field is quite different. 

The average illumination of the inner field is about 50% higher than that of the outer field. By “three” for the field intensity of illumination uniformity is difficult to grasp. One of them. Consider the diamond and according to the value of the size of the difference between the outfield. Second, more consideration to the diamond and the field at the junction of illuminance value calculation. 

Subjectively, expect the value of the diamond and the field intensity of illumination design into a significant difference, more hope that the diamond with the field line become the watershed of illuminance value discretion, so that can reduce the intensity of illumination and diamond adjacent field area, narrow the differences of the region and the field arc edge area of illuminance value, in order to improve the uniformity, But this is the idea of an ideal. Because there is no way in the field and the field at the junction of illuminance value designed to have bigger difference, on the other hand, the field uniformity is difficult to improve.

For this, the design must be for each light lamps and lanterns of the selection and calculation of the projective points one by one, when necessary, also need to adjust the height of the light pole, To ensure that the baseball field of all kinds of lighting indicators in line with the international commission on illumination (C/E) standards and related standards of national games venues. As is known to all. To design a stadium lighting engineering. Not only to achieve average vertical illuminance and average intensity of illumination. Also must be up to the level of the vertical illumination uniformity and evenness of illumination, and average coefficient of vertical illuminance and the average water level in proportion to the intensity of illumination. In addition, still need to limit the scope of glare index, choose high color rendering index and the corresponding color temperature.

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