lux level of high mast lighting

The LED technology is, based on today’s LED efficacy not suited to achieve energy savings for High Mast lighting installations. The 30-meter mast in the car park of the headquarters of Razorlux was adapted to hold new Razorlux LED luminaires. Razorlux’s high-mast system is the most sophisticated on the market, offering a flexible, functional and completely safe solution that can be used with different kinds of luminaires, including cut-off options.

Lux level of high mast lighting

The previous installation contained 8 x 400W reflectors with a total power consumption of 3.6 kW. Uniformity rating across the entire car park was 0.26, with average light intensity levels of 61 lux. The recommended light levels for low, medium and high traffic in car parks are ≥5, ≥10 and 20 lux respectively.

Replacement of the existing equipment with the Razorlux luminaire (lightweight, slim profile) has reduced head weight and surface exposure to wind. The new mast now consumes just 2.4 kW. The uniformity rating across the entire car park is now 0.81, with the average light intensity of 40 lux. The result is a huge reduction in bright and dark spots throughout the lit environment. Even with the reduction in the average lux level, global visibility has improved: and with power consumption reduced by 33%. The new lighting solution creates a safe and welcoming environment that encourages its use.

LEDs are already more than capable of providing the light output needed for large area applications such as car parks and industrial sites, and they’re even beginning to rival traditional sources for sports lighting, which requires high lux levels and very low flicker for the benefit of TV cameras.

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