Illumination standard of the tennis court lighting

Illumination standard of the tennis court lighting(GB):

Amateur competition (training): 150lx-300lx, general competition: 300lx-500lx,Official competition: 500-750-higher (1500lx).Auditorium 30lx-100lx.

In addition to the distribution of indoor tennis court lighting, tennis courts that need to install lighting should not install lamps on both sides of the outdoor court and on the sidelines.

Outdoor stadium lighting should be set on both sides of the fence from the ground more than 7.60 meters above the ground, the light from the sides of the stadium to the uniform illumination. The lighting illuminance should be based on the different uses of the course, and the electric lighting technicians are specially designed. Experience tells us that the average illumination of each tennis court light should be above 340 lux.

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