stadium lighting

One of the greatest reasons to replace traditional stadium lighting with LED is the economic aspect. Compared to conventional lighting solutions for stadiums and sports venues, the energy consumption is reduced considerably with LED lighting.

Stadium lighting

Apart from that, the light-emitting diodes have a higher lumen output, which altogether means, that the LED’s emit more light despite consuming less watt. Furthermore, reduced energy consumption assists in a decrease in CO2 emissions, which can contribute to enhancing the club’s or the association’s environmental image.

What are the lux level of stadium lighting?

1) the minimum vertical illumination required for the entire stadium is 800lx, and the lighting should be from 1~1.5m above the ground and perpendicular to the surface of the position of the main camera.

2) for the closed long focal length lens, illumination need not less than 1400 lx, color TV business to intensity of illumination, also decided by the factors of regional environment, such as the degree of air pollution, it mainly determines the quality of the required images, image quality is one of the main factors.

3) color TV cameras require as much vertical illumination as possible up to 2000lx, which is actually subject to economic constraints as well as glare due to high illumination.

LED Stadium Lights

LED Stadium Lights is the important accessory of Football Stadium, but not many people pay attention to the Stadium Lights. Have you even wondered how to light up the large Stadium? LED Stadium Lights designed to accommodate various lighting requirements of Stadiums which is available from Razorlux Lights.

How to light up the large Stadium with led stadium lights?

Our LED Stadium light can also be used for outdoor lighting, such as Sports Field lighting, airport, auditorium, construction site, parking lot, pedestrian use. Choose from a variety of LED stadium flood lights from 60 to 10,000 watts, 9600 to 1,600,000 lumens. We have all league level LED Football Lighting & Stadium Lighting from high school and university football to indoor arena football and professional football field including NFL. The current NFL lighting standard is for 250 ft candle light at the site that can be easily achieved with LED lighting. College football is a bit low, 150 feet of candle is needed, high school football only requires 50 feet candle.

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