indoor pool lighting

Indoor swimming pools are used for swimming, in terms of physical education or competitive sports as well as leisure. Artificial lighting frees indoor swimming pools from the constraints of day.

In most cases, the basic installation calls for a minimum of 200 lux over the surface of the pool, both during the day and at night.

Generally 300 lux light level is sufficient in swimming pools. In case of competitions; 500 lux or more lighting level may be required.

Safety, resistance, durability: these are three required qualities of any indoor pool lighting system. Any installation of this type is a multi-faceted one and requires careful examination of several features prior to the selection or refurbishing of its lighting arrangement. Initially, we need to establish the end-use of the pool; we further need to study the rules and regulations governing lighting in such an environment. Further, we must address the safety dimensions for swimmers and pool staff. Finally, both the resistance and durability of selected luminaries require thorough compliance.

1) Assessing the End-Use of the Pool to Select Appropriate Lighting

Is this pool situated in a condominium or a hotel? Will swim meets be held in this pool? Will they be televised? Will swimming or diving lessons be given there? Will the pool serve as a water polo facility or leisure swim centre? It is essential to specify to what end the pool will be used prior to selecting the lighting system needed because a number of activities require that certain standards be applied to ensure safety standards are met.

Maintenance of swimming pool lighting

Maintenance should be a key consideration of the lighting design for a swimming pool – how are you going to access lights to clean and change the bulbs? This is why most pools are lit externally from each side. Light fixtures located directly above water are clearly difficult to access. Using fittings that incorporate a ‘chip on board’ (COB) LED light source will certainly help reduce maintenance requirements as they offer a very long lamp life (over 50,000 hours in some cases).

Recessed LED flood light fixtures within pools are a great way to create a fantastic glow from the pool at night, however the control gear (drivers / transformers) for these LED fittings still need to be accessible from the pump house or nearby. Fibre optic lighting is another good solution. With fibre optic the light source is located remotely far away from the water and the light travels along long fibres making it a very safe solution for lighting in and around pools.

2) Lighting Standards and Installation Recommendations

Most provinces and territories in Canada have published guidelines with respect to the maintenance and operation of pool facilities, yet there are no official standards in effect in this country. In most cases, the basic installation calls for a minimum of 200 lux over the surface of the pool, both during the day and at night.

There should be sufficient lighting so that every surface of the installation is clearly visible; this includes the bottom of the pool as well. In Quebec, the construction code issued by the Régie du bâtiment is more demanding than its provincial counterparts: it insists on the use of 300 lux. However, many installations (even new ones) fail to meet these regulations.

Indoor pool lighting is always a safe options for pool owner as often in night the visiblity of light decreses and it will cause serious trouble for swimmer .By installing a indoor pool light will safely

negotiate the visibility factor and it make sense to use LED lighting as these are having immense resistant power,less energy intensive and also higher lifespan then other competitors The low maintenance and durable also enable to work effectively in a bit expensive indoor pools . Yes, I agree with your point view and I find it is extremely engaging blog which narrates the importance of indoor pool lighting for the betterment of swimmers life.

Lighting plays a crucial character in defining the looks of a swimming pool. There are a wide variety of lights available for pool. According to the experts’ viewpoint, you should pick the right one. Either you are replacing few or newly adding some lights, but all of these should be carried out after rigorous assessment. Professionals know which lights would make a huge difference and finally will result in a worthy makeover. The use of LED flood lights have become the choice of the latest trend in the industry.

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