ship lighting system

Boat navigation light is an independent part of the ship lighting system, and it is an important light signal to ensure the safe navigation of the ship at night.

In any case, must ensure that its bright, to indicate the location of this vessel, status, types and presence of tug, etc., so as to prevent or passing ships around a misunderstanding, caused by accidents at sea.

The navigation light consists of fore and aft mast-head lights, main mast-head lights, stern lights, port and starboard lights and fore and aft anchor lights. It is used for night navigation and indicating the status and position of the ship.

Special navigation light control box or control board is installed on the bridge, which is powered by the main power distribution board and emergency power distribution board. The navigation light bulb is usually a 60W filament incandescent lamp. Each lamp has two sets, one of which can be used as a backup and can be switched on the control box.

The ship lighting lamp of Zhihai marine led flood lights have the following characteristics:

Product features:

1. Die-casting aluminum casting integrated casting shell, surface oxidation treatment, beautiful appearance, wear resistance, corrosion resistance.

2. Special design of all-aluminum housing and heat dissipation structure is adopted to ensure fast heat diffusion and improve the service life and reliability of the lamps.

3. IP67 full-protection grade design, the lamps can work reliably in water and any adverse environment.

4. DC power supply is adopted, which can adapt to DC power supply system of any vehicle or ship; Can be installed on any vehicle, ship.

5. Taiwan’s high-power light source has a light efficiency of up to 120LM/W and a lamp life of up to 50,000 hours.

6. All related solid parts are made of stainless steel, which is strong, durable and extremely hard to corrode.

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