led baseball field lighting

The main points of the baseball field lighting are as follows: 

(1) The diameter of the baseball is small, the speed of motion is fast, the trajectory is difficult to capture, so it needs enough horizontal illumination and a certain height range of vertical illumination. 

(2) to meet the requirements of the field and outfield, the uniformity and gradient relationship. 

(3) According to the site environment, determine the number of led baseball field lighting, vertical pole height and type of lamp, beam width and number of lamps and lanterns. 

(4) The design of the baseball field led lighting, not only to meet the average vertical illuminance and average level illuminance, but also to achieve the vertical illuminance uniformity and acquisition, as well as the average vertical illuminance and the average level of the ratio coefficient. 

(5) Lamps can not have glare, the color index should be high, while ensuring television transmission, can clearly reflect the athlete’s instantaneous movement and posture, and can capture the high-speed movement of the baseball track.

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