tunnel lights

Roadway tunnel lighting include LED light source, led driver power supply, lamp body (including base, mounting bracket and installation attachment), heat dissipation body and other main parts. The lighting adopts the integrated heat dissipation structure, and the main body of the lamp is used as the heat dissipation body to reduce the thermal honeycomb effect. The LED light source uses the matrix arrangement, uses the plane lens device or the flat glass cover lampshade.

 The LED drive power supply of the luminaire shall be an external separation for easy maintenance and replacement. Lamp housing, power supply shell is made of aluminum alloy. Lighting matching bolts, nuts, gaskets and other fixed parts made of stainless steel. The impact performance of the lamp housing meets the requirements of gb7000.1-2008.

The surface of the exposed components, such as lamp housing, power supply shell, mounting base and so on, are properly treated with anodic oxidation. The support base surface is treated with anticorrosion, which can prevent the corrosion of the humid environment, harmful gas and cleaning agent in the tunnel. 

The lamp structure is durable and can withstand certain mechanical stress and temperature stress. The thickness of fixture is not less than 2mm. Lamp support base (including bolts, nuts, gaskets) bearing capacity should be greater than three times times the weight of lamps. The installation and removal of lamps is convenient. Lighting installation of light angle can be flexible adjustment. Total tunnel lighting system and power supply shell sealed, by the introduction of ad hoc wire. 

Highway tunnel LED lighting lamp wiring for waterproof cable, not less than 0.75 meters, each set of lamps with IP65 male and female waterproof plug connectors. The power input port is fortified with water connectors, and the power output cable is introduced into the lamp through a waterproof joint.

The control cable of the output current controllable type power supply is connected with the control bus through a waterproof joint. The input, output and control cable connectors of the power supply shall not be mutually general, the power supply side of the cable waterproof joint is the jack, and the electric energy receiving side is the pin.

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