led tennis court lighting

Glare should be avoided in the main direction of movement, especially when the ball is hoisted. Indoor tennis court lighting should not have natural light, if the use of natural light, should take measures to prevent the high brightness zone to interfere with the athletes. Light source should meet the requirements of high light efficiency, long life, energy saving and green environmental protection, and should have good color rendering and appropriate color temperature parameters. In the case of high lamps and lanterns, the light source should use metal halide lamps preferentially. 

For indoor sports venues with lower ceilings and smaller site areas, high power fluorescent or compact fluorescent lamps can be considered for use with electronic ballasts. In order to meet the emergency lighting should be able to use instantaneous light source, such as incandescent, halogen tungsten lamps, fluorescent lamps, can also be used when the use of high intensity gas discharge lamp with a suitable uninterruptible power supply, which should be able to ensure that the lamp does not extinguish the arc. Of course, in the use of high-strength gas discharge lamps such as metal halide lamp, can also be shunt power supply method to ensure that at least part of the lamp will not be extinguished. 

The safety of indoor tennis court lighting shall meet the requirements of the prescribed. In addition to the requirements of the above GB, the mechanical performance requirements of the lighting equipment include the basic and necessary functions and capabilities of the lighting equipment. The structure of the tennis court lighting fixture should ensure the normal function in the use of local weather conditions.

 Light body materials should be able to resist corrosion and withstand various outdoor conditions (such as close to the seaside, more serious industrial pollution, air pollution). Selection of enclosure protection grade for lighting equipment, should meet the reliable resistance to the use of the climate and environment of the lighting equipment erosion, outdoor use of lamps and lanterns. Installation, aiming, overhaul, cleaning of lamps and lanterns, generally in the higher position on the ground, the lamp design should make these operations as easy as possible, the general lighting should have after the opening cover function And without special tools can be opened lamps, people can freely operate the hands, convenient lighting daily maintenance and cleaning work.

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