misunderstanding of sports field lighting

Ultra-standard sports field lighting will bring about an increase in investment. Class VI lighting has approximately doubled the investment in Class IV lighting.

Ultra-standard stadium lighting will add cost to future operations. As the number of lights increases, the load and number of horse carriages, lighting distribution systems and their cables, etc. will increase accordingly, which will also cause a great burden for future maintenance work.

Ultra-standard sports venues lighting wastes more power. As a result of the increase in the number of lamps, operating electricity costs increase in proportion.

Overemphasizing the need for television communications

The development of television technology requires a corresponding reduction in the light environment. International sports organizations such as FIFA FIH and FIH FIH have reduced the requirements for light environment and lighting requirements. This point is better understood, our common car driving recorder can shoot high-definition video, it can shoot relatively clear video in the environment of ordinary streetlights. And our professional TV broadcast system and TV transmission network can easily shoot high-quality video in a professional sports and stadium lighting environment.

For sports television broadcasts, light uniformity is crucial, and it is more important than other parameters, given the certain illumination.

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