Port Lighting Requirements

Our robust, high-performance and cost-effective range of port lighting makes us a number-one choice for lighting ports across the world – no matter what the climatic conditions.

As the investment in national infrastructure projects continues to increase, ports along the coast are building new and expanding terminals to increase terminal throughput. The country’s increased requirements for energy conservation and emission reduction require technical transformation of the terminal, and lighting is an essential part.

Port lighting requirements

For the lighting of the dock, the floodlights should be installed at the periphery of the boundary so that the lights are not affected by obstacles in the work area, that is, where the goods are loaded and unloaded. This arrangement may cause shadows on the deck of the ship that is moored on the shore at low tide. Therefore, it is necessary to have floodlighting on the deck and on the crane arm.

The rational use of light is an important means to create space, adjust emotions and improve work efficiency. Our unswerving pursuit is to ensure safe and reliable lighting and precise control of light. Razorlux can perfectly transform customer’s needs with professional standards. Private custom lighting solution.

Port handling area illuminance and measurement

Port lighting includes general lighting, hybrid lighting, and office lighting performance parameters. three parts.

General lighting and hybrid lighting can be summarized as production

 1) General indoor lighting. General lighting mainly includes indoor light of general requirements such as lighting of the yard (high pole light), office, electrical room, general gate lighting, maintenance workshop and warehouse; and hybrid lighting refers to fluorescent lamps for equipment, requiring color rendering of lamps High, not dazzling; local lighting of the working area of the equipment during work, mainly installed in the design

 2) Indoor lighting for production sites (eg, shore bridges, field bridges, door machines, ship unloaders, etc.). Lighting in different areas such as gates, maintenance workshops and warehouses (non-explosion-proof places), due to different working environments, lamps need to be clear, generally use 250 ~ 400W metal halide lamps, requiring the color rendering of lamps to meet certain light distribution and performance requirements . Therefore, it must be based on the specific height of work. Warehouses with flammable and explosive materials need to be equipped with explosion-proof lamps; use the environment to select the right energy-saving lamps.

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