badminton court lighting

Someone on the phone eagerly asked: I have an indoor badminton hall, the museum has a total design of 10 badminton venues, plastic flooring has been finished. Now start to consider the site lighting project. Excuse me: How many led stadium lights must be used to achieve better lighting quality and effect to meet the site lighting requirements? Some slowly said: I want to build a standard indoor badminton hall, indoor badminton Hall with what kind of stadium lighting? Is it a metal halide lamp? Or with LED high-power energy-saving lamps? Is badminton volleyball good? Some people ask: “My Badminton hall is used to transform the industrial plant, how to decorate the stadium lighting?” How much can lux reach lighting standards?

 Someone consulted: My badminton venues, the area is 1800 square meters, set 16 badminton venues. How many meters high is the indoor stadium light hanging suitable? How many square meters does a stadium light cover? Some people say: I designed indoor badminton court lighting, installation suspension height is 9 meters high. How many stadium lights can be used to meet the lighting standards for training competitions? How much is the illuminance? 

Another gentleman is very distressed to say: “My Badminton hall lighting, the first use of the stadium lighting is 400W metal halide lamp, the venue lighting is dazzling.” With the help of friends, with led high-power energy-saving lamp replacement after the transformation, or have glare, shake eyes. All toss two back. Indoor Badminton Hall Lighting How to cloth light can not glare, not dazzling, no glare harm?

There is a badminton Hall manager on the phone said: “The players often complained, looking at the badminton in the air that position, but the ball beat the past is not hit the ball.” Why is that? A badminton hobby athlete said: “They have a badminton hall there, the illumination light is very bright.” is in the ball, often see badminton in the air when flying is not a badminton body in flight, but a few badminton body before and after the queue in flight. I don’t know, playing that badminton is right? Don’t know what this is about?

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