gymnasium stadium lighting

First,gymnasium stadium lighting design aims at energy saving and emission reduction green lighting. Identification and use of advanced technical performance, excellent quality, sports stadium lighting professional stadium lighting. Through optimal design and scientific lighting. Achieve the investment with the smallest stadium fixtures to achieve the highest quality and effect of stylistic sports hall lighting.

Because the gymnasium is a multi-functional integrated type, lighting lighting design should be able to meet the lighting quality requirements for basketball, table tennis, badminton, volleyball, tennis and other sphere sports. It must also be able to meet the lighting requirements for other forms of sports and sports activities, as well as the requirements for lighting quality of photography videos.

Second, the basic idea of stadium lighting design. 

Since the gymnasium is divided into two areas, the sports area and the stands, the two areas are treated separately when lighting design for the gymnasium. That is: multi-function sports area, independently designed a stadium lighting lighting program that can meet all kinds of ball movement. The stand area design a separate lighting scheme. However, the overall lighting quality and effectiveness of the entire stadium are the same.

Third, the stadium basketball lighting quality objectives. In order to achieve the basic design requirements for indoor stadium lighting fixtures, and the specific lighting quality and effect technical indicators, the following five light color quality contents and one electrical parameter content are determined by decomposition.

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